Phoenix Fan Fusion May 22nd - 26th: Delays in shipping!

Hey there folks! Just another update!
New product will be up soon! We have a ton of new sponsored charms that came through that will be actively live after Phoenix Fan Fusion!

Now, because I am not physically at the convention (I'm at a friends wedding in Canada!) I have to ship my product out earlier than the convention, and wait for it to be shipped back to me as well. This means the delay for some product may take a bit, depending on what you get! YOU CAN STILL ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE DURING THIS TIME! Stock will be taken during the convention, so anything you buy will be saved for you and you alone! 

The only thing you need to worry about during this time, is just giving me time to ship stuff! It could be a little over a week or more before I have product in hand again to ship to you. Please be patient with me! I will have them out and with tracking labels as soon as possible!

Thank you for understanding! More updates coming after the convention!
Have a lovely day everyone! Thanks for your continued support!