Conventions, VAT TAX, and FREE SHIPPING ON 50$+ ORDERS!

Hello everyone! I hope you are well!

Convention Updates and Possible Down Time:

We have two more cons coming up that are back to back! My first one is local, ACE Comic Con in Seattle, and then I head out a day later to Anime Expo!

I've restocked some items, and some new ones will be on the shop, too! I'll keep orders open during this time, though if things get too hard for me to multitask, I might take the shop down temporarily until I get back.

ACE is from June 28th - 30th.
AX is from 4-7th, but I'll be gone from the 2nd to the 9th!



A few weeks ago, I updated my system so that any orders $50 and over will receive FREE SHIPPING. This is ESPECIALLY GOOD to my over seas customers!

I'll see if I can add more deals for you guys later as well! 


Please keep in mind, each country has their own VAT taxes and shipping ways. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE IF YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY VAT TAX FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. I am NOT responsible for VAT taxes, nor if your post office mishandles your package. However, if something happens, I will absolutely do my best to resolve the situation. I can not promise the world, as I am just a small business owner and artist trying to keep pace, but please, always, contact me and we'll see if we can come to an agreement.

Hope to see you guys there! Have a lovely week!