Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter

From this point forward, all sales will be donated to Black Table Arts 

Any PROFITS will be donated, meaning all product and shipping at its base cost will be covered first, with all money received after going to charity. Below is how things break down:

Here is how each item will be broken down for sales :

  1. Charms cost ~2.50$ per item
  2. Prints cost ~1$ per item
  3. Enamel Pins cost ~3$ per item
  4. 3" Stickers cost 1$ per item
  5. Sticker Pages cost ~2.50$ per item
  6. Bags cost ~ 5$ per item.
  7. T-shirts will be completely donated
  8. Each shipment will receive one (1) Black Panther Poropalooza sticker page for free. Some shipments may also receive buttons for free, too.

Please note: I am not adding any fees for my time, packaging, creation time, extra shipping, etc for this product. I am only deducting the per-item price of each piece of art to get it manufactured. Some of their prices vary slightly by cents, (holographic prints cost more, holographic charms cost more, glow in the dark costs more, etc) so I estimated it into a rounded section for easier deduction.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.
I will update this blog post each time I make a donation.

Final Note: Due to world events of both this and covid-19, know that some shipments may not leave the house until weekends. I am doing my best while still holding my job and taking care of my mentality. Thank you for understanding.


1st Donation: 107$ to

2nd Donation: July 13th - 39$